Gear Cutting, Shaping & Hobbing

Snyder Industries houses a complete gear shaping facility. Gear shaping machines cut internal and external gear diameters from 2 to 48 inches.

At Snyder Industries we strive to maintain our position at the top of the industrial machining industry via consistently adding modern technologies to our facility.

Just one of our progressions for innovative technologies is the addition of two CNC gear cutters.

The Gleason P500s, and the Fellows 10-4 retro fitted with CNC controls from New England Gear, are the beginning of Snyder’s immense capabilities among CNC gear shaping.

Capacities, Phauter Hob:
1. Max D.P. that can be hobbed
a) spur and helical gears 3
2. Straight spur gears and worm gears
a) max workpiece dia. 35.5″
b) max hobbing length 22.8″
(max hob slide travel)
3. Helical gears (with hob dia. = 6 in.)
a) max workpiece dia. 35.5″
b) max hobbing length 22.8″
4. Smallest number of teeth to be hobbed
a) machine with single start index drive 8
Capacities, Fellows Shaper:
Model 36-6 Model 36-12
1. Max Pitch Diameter
a) external 40″ 40″
b) internal 36″ 36″
2. Max D.P., Spur 2 2
3. Max Face width, Ext. and Int. 6″ 12″
4. Max Helix Angle w/ standard guides 45 deg 45 deg
5. Max Outside diameter of fixture 40″ 40″