CNC Turning Lathes

Snyder Industries’ turning department operates both vertical and horizontal lathes in addition to their multi-tasking machine centers. Fanuc CNC controls are used on the 24 machines manufactured by Doosan, Samsung, Ikegai, Hancook, OM, and Hyundai-Kia. These machines offer diameter capabilities from 2” to 59” and length capabilities of up to 57” with the ability to machine to tolerances of 0.0002”.

Samsung SL-6500AM5/1000

Some of Snyder’s most recent equipment additions have included two (2) Samsung SL-6500AM5/1000 lathes that allows them to run detailed jobs complete within their cell. This new investment has helped limit material handling and improved quality and delivery. These machines are able to machine parts as large as 35” in diameter and 39” in length.

Other lathe cells in the plant allow operators to set up and run large quantity orders. This is especially cost effective for customers that have designated KanBan parts.

Using hydraulic and manual independent chucks, we have multiple fixture set ups to run any type of product.

Snyder Industries’ turning department can satisfy all of your machining needs, from large amounts of stock removal to holding a tight tolerance diameter.

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